Deciding advantages for KS Jackscrews:

  • KS Jackscrews have proved themselves millions of times in the past 40 years.
  • KS Jackscrews are established as standard tools in many well-known companies.
  • KS Jackscrews have been used in major research projects.
  • KS Jackscrews eliminate the use of cranes (cost of crane per hour approx. EUR 150-300)
  • KS Jackscrews are safely usable without further aids by "one-man-operations".
  • KS Jackscrews can be used as work tools.
  • KS Jackscrews can be ordered in many forms, including in small quantities
  • KS Jackscrews condisc® are superior. The jackscrew head adapts itself constantly and fully to the surface of the building object.
  • KS Jackscrews are lower in total cost than alternative technologies.